July 04-07, 2018
Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia
Geotechnical Construction of Civil Engineering & Transport Structures of the asian-pacific region 2018
Organizers of the symposium:
20 April 2018 Paper submission
15 May 2018 Notification
of acceptance
On or before 01 June 2018 Registration
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04-07 July 2018 Conference
About GCCETS 2018

Construction of infrastructure and transport facilities in rough geological conditions and protection against natural disasters are very challenging tasks demanding the cooperation of efforts of scientists, designers and contractors.

Complicated geotechnical problems are faced in the conditions of high probability of earthquakes, landslides, mudflows, snow avalanches, floodin g and other hazardous phenomena such as break of dams, underground mountain row collapsing, large-scale and intensive oil and gas leakages, industrial and terrorist explosions and other techno/anthropogenic impacts.

The organizers of the International Geotechnical Symposium taking place in the city of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (Russia) on 04-07 of July, 2018, are the International Technical Committee 203 of Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering and Associated Problems (TC203); International Technical Committee № 216 ISSMGE Frozen soils; Technical Committee № 202 «Transportation geotechnics», The Asian Technical Committee №3 (ATC-3) of Geotechnology for Natural Hazards, The Commission on Earthquake Engineering and Mitigating Industrial & Natural Disasters (CoMIND), Centre on EQE&NDR, The Russian Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE) and Kazakhstan Geotechnical society.

The Symposium has attracted for participation the experts from the CIS countries (especially from Russia and Kazakhstan), Japan, the USA, Canada, Finland, Belgium, Holland, Poland, Australia and India.


The main attention is paid to sharing knowledge on reliable preventive geotechnical measures oriented to damage minimization when the available information is either incomplete or inconsistent.

The experts invited for participation in the Symposium will present special lectures, viva-voce and poster reports, exhibit the equipment and devices, introduce various achievements in geotechnical engineering and discuss the lessons learned from resent disasters and to share the modern knowledge & technologies implemented into practice for damage mitigation.

As a result, the papers are received dealing with the improved practical approaches and engineering solutions, unified new construction, codes and regulations to prevent and reduce the disasters before they strike again.


Papers which are prepared for publishing should be original research manuscripts, never published before and not under consideration for publication in any other conference proceeding (journal etc.). All papers are supposed to present novel research results of international interest. Papers need to be related to the main topic of the conference and conference topic fields. We publish papers written in good English only. All papers are reviewed by a native speaker. All papers are thoroughly checked for plagiarism. Acceptable minimum of originality is 90%. All papers should be not less than 6 pages (recommended 8-12 pages). At least one author of each article should attend to the conference. A maximum of two articles per author is accepted.

The conference language and the paper language is English. Make sure that all text elements, formulas, tables, signs and inscriptions in figures are in English. The Greek alphabet is valid only in formulas. All references mentioned in the Reference List are cited in the text, and vice versa. References can only be linked via Crossref if they are correct and complete. The manuscript must be in DOC (or DOCX) file. Make sure that your paper in MS Word is in strict accordance to the author’s template. (download).


The exhibition of the scientific and technical achievements, literature and advertising prospectuses is organized during the Symposium.


Programme of technical tours will be available later

speakers of the symposium
Robb Moss
American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI)
Seimological Society of America (SSA)
Phone Number: 805-756-6427
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Askar Zhussupbekov
President of the Kazakhstan Geotechnical Society
Phone: +7-7172- 353740
Fax: +7-7172- 344796
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Eun Chul Shin
International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering Vice President for Asia
Republic of Korea
Phone Number: +82-32-835-8466
Fax: +82-32-835-0775
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Liu Jiankun
Beijing Jiaotong University
Phone / Fax: 86-10-51684096
Mobile: 86-13581986007
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Chungsik Yoo
Affiliation: Sungkyunkwan University (Korea)
Research Interests: Geosynthetics, Tunnelling, Earth reinforcement, Unsaturated soil, Numerical simulation of geostructures, Use of large-scale computing in geotechnical engineering, Integration of IT into geotechnical design
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Viacheslav Ilichev
DSc, Prof.
Director of the Gersevanov Research Institute of Bases and Underground Structures (NIIOSP). President of the Russian Society for Soil Mechanics, Geotechnics and Foundation Engineering
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Professor of Faculty of Engineering in Hokkaido University, Japan
Phone Number: +81-11-706-6202
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President of the Russian chapter of international geosynthetics society (RCIGS)
Phone Number: +7-842-4578445
Mobile Number: +7-952-2358079
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The Symposium themes
Exploration Geophysics
Geophysical methods to measure the physical properties of the subsurface.
- for finding mineral or hydrocarbon deposits;
- for monitoring environmental impact;
- for ground water investigations;
- for civil engineering site investigations
Geomonitoring, modeling and prognosis of natural and emergency situations
- earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoons;
- landslides, mud flows, volcanic eruptions, floodings;
- soil liquefaction, scuffling, swelling, freezing of the soil bases
Geomaterials for construction and reconstruction
Geophysical methods to measure the physical properties of the subsurface. Geophysical methods to measure the physical properties of the subsurface.
Geotechnical measures for natural disaster reduction of
- marine engineering;
- railways and highways, pipelines;
- bridges, tunnels, aerodrome;
- civil engineering structures
Geotechnical engineering in special environments
- geotechnical engineering in cold climate regions;
- geotechnical engineering in high-mountainous regions;
- geotechnical engineering in zones of fluctuation of a sea level
Geoecology of extreme situationstransportation objects
- geotechnics of embankments, waste and tailings storages;
- geotechnics of industrial, radioactive waste products;
- pollution of river and sea bottoms;
- geoecology of oil & gas deposits;
- the use of mineral resources to reduce the negative impact on the environment
Conference chairman
Sidorenko Vladimir
Minister of Construction of Sakhalin Territory, Russia
Phone Number: (4242) 670-720
Fax: (4242) 467-159
Organization Committee's members:
1. Yu. A. Davydov, Dr., prof., Rector of Far Eastern State Transport University (FESTU), Khabarovsk, Russia
2. Jean-Louis Briaud, Dr., prof., President of the ISSMGE 2009-2013, Texas A&M University, USA
3. Jorge G. Zornberg, Dr., prof., Immediate Past-President of International Geosynthetics Society (IGS), University of Texas at Austin, USA
4. A. Zh. Zhusupbekov, President of Kazakhstan Geotechnical Society, Director of the Geotechnical Institute at the L.N.Gumilyov Eurasian National University, Astana, Kazakhstan
5. Sergei Kudriavtcev, D.Sc., prof. Vice-Rector of Far Eastern State Transport University, Russia
6. S.Z. Akopyan, Deputy of Legislative Assembly Sakhalin region, Russia
7. S.N. Ryabov, Main engineer Far Eastern Railway, Russia
8. V.I. Travush, Dr., prof., Chairman of the Department of Building Sciences RAACN, Russia
9. V.A. Ilyichev, Dr., prof., President of Russian Society ISSMGE, , Russia
10. P.A. Abbasov, Dr., prof., Far Eastern Federal University, Vladivostok, Russia
11. A.T. Bekker, Dr., prof., Far Eastern Federal Universityт, Vladivostok, Russia
12. M. A. Klyachko, Dr., Chairman of the CIS Commission on CoMIND, Director of Cender, Russia
13. O. A. Shulyatiev, Dr., prof., Vice-director of NIIOSP, Russia
14. A.G. Shashkin, Dr., General Director Georeconstruction Engineering Co, Russia
1. K. Ishihara, Dr., prof., Past-president of ISSMGE, Chuo University, Tokyo, Japan
2. Y. Iwasaki, Dr., prof., Director of the Geo-Research Institute, Osaka, Japan
3. Kamada Teruaki, Dr., prof., Director General Civil Engineering Research Institute for Cold Region (CERI)
4. E. C. Shin, Dr., prof. of University of Incheon, Incheon, Korea
5. V. M. Ulitzky, Dr., prof. of St. Petersburg State Transport University, Russia
6. A. Hasegawa, Dr., prof. of Hachinohe Institute of Technology, Hachinohe, Japan
7. T. Tanaka, Dr., prof. of the University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
8. T. Mitachi, Dr., prof. of Nihon University, Japan
9. Y. Tan, Dr., prof. of Harbin Institute of technology, China
10. Zhao Maocai, Dr., prof. of Harbin Institute of Technology, China
11. Erol Tutumluer, Dr., prof. of Chair of TC202, ISSMGE, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA
12. Devendra Narain Singh, Dr., prof. of Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, India
13. Tatsuya Ishikawa, Dr., prof. of Hokkaido University, Japan
14. Andreas Loizos, Dr., prof. of National Technical University of Athens, Laboratory of Pavement Engineering, Greece
15. Satoshi Akagawa, Dr., prof. of Cryosphere Engineering Laboratory, Hachioji, Tokyo, Japan
16. Antonio Gomes Correia, Dr., prof. of Immediate past Chair of the TC202, prof. of University of Minho, Portugal
17. Tomasz Kozlowski, Dr., prof. of Kielce University of Technology, Kielce, Poland
18. B.B. Teltaev, Dr., prof., president of KazdorNII, Almaty, Kazakhstan
19. V.N. Paramonov, Dr., prof. of St. Petersburg State Transport University, St. Petersburg, Russia
20. I. I. Sakharov, Dr., prof. of SPBGASU, St. Petersburg, Russia
21. Jacek Kawalec, Dr., prof., Tensar, Poland
22. V. S. Fedorov, Dr., prof. of Russian University of transport, Academic RAACN
23. E.N. Kurbatsky, Dr., prof. of Russian University of transport
24. H. Hazarika, Dr., prof., Secretary ATC-3 (Asian Technical Committee №3 of Geotechnology for Natural Hazards), Kyushu University, Japan
25. T. Kokusho, Dr., member of TC203 (Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering and Associated Problems), Chuo University, Tokyo, Japan
26. I.Towhata, Dr., Chairman ATC-3 (Asian Technical Committee №3 of Geotechnology for Natural Hazards), University of Tokyo, Japan
27. Martin Ziegler, Dr., prof. of Rwthaachen University, Germany
28. S.Yasuda, Dr., prof. of Tokyo Denki University, Tokyo, Japan
29. Stjepan Lakušić, Dr., prof. of University of Zagreb Faculty of Civil Engineering (FCE), Croatia
30. Abdelmalek (Malek) Bouazza, Dr., Chair ISSMGE TC215 Environmental Geotechnics, Monash University, Australia
31. Jiankun Liu, Dr., prof. of Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing, China
32. Stjepan Lakusic, Dr., prof. of University of Zagreb, Croatia
33. R.A. Mangushev, Dr., prof. of SPBGASU, St. Petersburg, Russia
34. A. V. Petriaev, Dr., President Russian Geosintetic Society, Russia
Contact us & Location

The preliminary registration form (application): convictive request to send in Organizing committee till 31 march 2018

The conference hall of the
Santa Resort Hotel 4* (3, Venskaya street, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk,
693010, Russia, www.santahotel.ru/eng)
Organizing Committee
Phone Numbers:
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